ECOSED Digital 4.0 Chair

Materials & Processes

Circular ECOnomy of SEDiments (ECOSED)

The Ecosed digital4.0 Research Chair (follow-up to Ecosed1 Chair) was created to take on the challenge of recovering sediments from dredging activities. In France, this amounts to an estimated 50 million m3 of sediments each year. After starting in 2014 with Ecosed1 (completed in 2019) and continuing for a five-year period in 2020 with Ecosed digital4.0, the Chair aims to create a dynamic scientific and technological partnership aimed at managing port and river sediments to develop relevant recovery outlets in civil engineering applications. These products include roads, concrete, binders, landscape mounds, embankments and artificial aggregates to consolidate beaches.

In addition to developing optimisation software designed to identify sediment recovery paths, Ecosed digital4.0 leads nine multidisciplinary research programs combining material and environmental aspects (e.g., mechanics, physics, chemistry) as well as digital and operational optimisation aspects.

The Chair’s scientific issues are highly multidisciplinary and are grouped by theme into collaborative working groups between the Chair’s partners and researchers.

The groups below are examples of the Chair’s themes.

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