End of the SEDIREF project (SEDIments: Framework & Training): The outcome

End of the SEDIREF project (SEDIments: Framework & Training): The outcome

IMT Nord Europe and its Centre for Education, Research and Innovation (CERI) in Materials and Processesare among the French leaders actively supporting industrial innovation and the creation of new solutions for processing and recovering materials.

The SEDIREF (SEDIments: Framework & Training) project is part of this approach and aims to synthesise the large amounts of data, regulations and studies produced on the complex subject of marine and continental sediment dredging management in France. It draws on and develops work completed over the course of the last 20 years.

The project, which started in December 2019, ended in December 2022 and produced several deliverables:

  • A book was published on sediment dredging management in France in 2021 entitled “GESTION DES SÉDIMENTS DE DRAGAGE EN FRANCE EN 2021 : BILAN, PERSPECTIVES ET RECOMMANDATIONS”. It provides broad access to a large amount of various useful and summarised information on the issue of sediment dredging, including the technical, regulatory and economic aspects.
  • A second book written at the same time focuses on the success and completion of the SEDIMED R&D project.
These books have been translated into Italian and form part of the SEDILAB and WIKISED digital library. Find out More.

The SEDIRéF project has also strengthened cooperation between IMT North Europe and France’s Southern Region, in particular through the development of a broader range of training courses for:

All the deliverables from the project will be available with open access for the public, professionals, industrial stakeholders and academics

Mouhamadou AMAR, Nor-Edine ABRIAK and Mahfoud BENZERZOUR



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