International Management Department

Changes in the world of work, interculturality and changes in teaching methods.

"In a changing world, engineers must above all be informed citizens who are curious about economic, social, environmental and intercultural issues. Our courses help to shed light on these areas"
Director of the International Management Department

The International Management Department includes the Languages and Intercultural Communication and Economics-Management teaching departments. It consists of a team of 12 permanent professors and around 100 professors from outside the school.

It is involved in the preparatory programme (2 years) and the engineering programme (3 years), as well as in the apprenticeship programme.

As a teaching department, its objective is to prepare engineering students for their careers. Its priorities are therefore to provide students with basic economic and management tools and raise their awareness of the socioeconomic issues that companies face. There is also an emphasis on being able to work in a multicultural environment. These courses allow future engineers to acquire linguistic and diversity management skills.

Several members of the department conduct research in laboratories at the University of Lille, Clerse, Rime-Lab, Cirel, STL and Didalang. Their research focuses primarily on changes in the world of work, interculturality, and changes in teaching methods.