The Lille Reuse Village by RECONVERT



mai 2024



mai 2024

The Lille Reuse Village by RECONVERT

Discover the Lille Reuse Village by RECONVERT

The circular economy drives ecological transition by radically transforming practices in terms of the design, purchase and use of resources. This mode of production and consumption is now an integral part of Lille’s strategy for a just ecological transition, which has been formally defined in the Lille Climate Plan and its related texts: the Low Carbon Pact and the Roadmap for Circular Economy.

A platform was therefore created at the Port of Lille with these goals in mind in order to provide a comprehensive range of services for the city and surrounding areas of the Lille European Metropolis, covering inputs and outputs, new building materials, and reuse and recycling. In light of their common interests, CCI Hauts-de-France Ports de Lille, VNF, the European Metropolis of Lille (MEL) and the City of Lille have joined forces by creating a consolidated ordering system to launch a study on the conditions for the creation of a Materials, Reuse and Reverse Logistics Village for the municipality of Lille and the MEL region.

As part of the RECONVERT Chair’s activities, IMT Nord Europe, its partners and sponsors are seeking to create a foundational event for this future Materials, Reuse and Reverse Logistics Village by organising the Lille Reuse Village by RECONVERT.

27 to 31 May 2024

Ports de Lille
59014 Lille 

The expected products, equipment and materials will mainly include sanitary equipment (washbasins, toilets, showers), roof tiles, flooring (tiles and parquet, carpet tiles), outdoor paving stones, doors, windows and French doors, lumber and structural timber, insulation and other secondary materials. 

RECONVERT Industrial Chair

The construction sector generates 46 million tonnes of waste annually in France, yet this recovery potential is largely underutilised. The RECONVERT Industrial Chair helps to integrate the selective building deconstruction process and organise flows of the resulting products and materials in order to improve reuse and recycling at the local level.

RECONVERT.FR digital platform

Find all the advertisements for recovered materials posted on a simple and user-friendly platform that is free to use.

  • Inert resources
  • Non-hazardous non-inert resources
  • Equipment resources

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