IMT Nord Europe partners with the Horizon Europe STECCI project

IMT Nord Europe partners with the Horizon Europe STECCI project

IMT Nord Europe is partnering with the Horizon Europe Stone Monument Ensembles and the Climate Change Impact (STECCI) project.
Vincent Thiery, research professor at the Materials and Processes Research Center will be in charge of the project for the school. He will assist with aspects relating to the assessment of the condition and monitoring conservation treatments for a selection of Stećci (medieval tombstones in Eastern Europe).

The STECCI project

The rapid pace of climate change has led to an urgent need to address the threats it poses to cultural heritage (CH) by providing a holistic framework that will involve scientists, conservatives, citizens, creative industries and decision-makers to develop and implement new sustainable strategies for the long-term preservation of cultural heritage, as proposed by this project.

For the first time, the future of Stećci – a tangible phenomenon inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List – and similar limestone monuments will be assessed according to two high-resolution climate scenarios over three time periods: 2021-2040, 2041-2060 and 2081-2100. In situ condition assessments, supported by comprehensive scientific analysis, will be followed by remedial conservation measures taken at selected sites to develop best practices and produce effective monitoring and conservation guidelines, combined with economic analysis and climate scenarios. These results will highlight the need for timely and appropriate intervention and facilitate the decision-making process for the authorities. Digitization methodologies will also be explored. Basic and high-end techniques will be compared with the aim of simplifying and with each other in order to simplify and increase the digital recording of cultural heritage in Europe. The project also aims to tap into the potential of necropolises to create new opportunities and resources for socioeconomic development and creative entrepreneurship for local communities. Work on cultural heritage enhancement and social laboratories with a series of events on citizen science, storytelling and place creation activities will precede the development of sustainable cultural tourism strategies that can be implemented across Europe. Art, creative industry tools and cultural values will be used as powerful drivers of regeneration, economic growth and the long-term protection of cultural heritage in a context of rapid climate change.

  • Project title: Stone monument ensembles and the climate change impact STECCI
  • Project number: 101094822
  • Participating institutions:
    • University of Sarajevo, B&H;
    • Heritage Malta, Malta;
    • Univerzitet Donja Gorica Podgorica, Montenegro;
    • Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien, Austria;
    • Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Germany;
    • Zentrum für soziale Innovation GmbH Wien, Austria;
    • Sveuciliste u Splitu, Umjetnicka akademija, Croatia;
    • Faculty of Sciences University of Novi Sad, Serbia;
    • Institut Mines-Télécom, France
  • Status in the project: Beneficiary
  • Project coordinator: Nusret Drešković UNSA (UNSA)
  • Project manager: Saida Ibragić (UNSA)
  • Project call: HORIZON-CL2-2022-HERITAGE-01
  • Project Type: HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions
  • Period of realization: 2023-2027 (September 1, 2023 – August 31, 2027)
  • Project website:

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