Book release: “Fusion Bonding/Welding of Polymer Composites”

Book release: “Fusion Bonding/Welding of Polymer Composites”

Publication of a book presenting the latest developments and advances in the fusion and welding of polymer matrix composites, by three of our IMT Nord Europe research professors: Patricia Krawczak, André Château Akué Asséko and Chung-Hae Park.


Composite parts combining polymers and fiber reinforcements for automotive, aeronautic and rail applications are often manufactured by assembling several components. The weldability of these materials, particularly in the case of thermoplastic composites, makes it possible to consider an interesting alternative to conventional assembly methods, such as mechanical fastening and adhesive bonding. Regardless of the type of technology involved – welding, ultrasound welding, laser or conduction welding, or molten polymer deposition additive manufacturing – one of the challenges is to control interfacial phenomena, microstructure and quality in the assembly area (welds), which is quite a sensitive process due to the presence of reinforcing fibers. Developing reliable digital tools for the predictive simulation of processes and in-situ monitoring and control of the implementation parameters is also essential.

This book presents the latest developments and advances in the fusion or welding of polymer matrix composites. It presents various research articles addressing aspects related to materials, processes, modeling, monitoring and performance, and the implementation of experimental and digital approaches.

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