Digital Systems

YUMI ABB Collaborative Robotic Equipment

This equipment consists of a dual-arm YUMI cobot integrated into an industrial robotics room (industrial robots, conveyors, cameras, process simulator). This cobot is safe to use in environments in which it is in close proximity with users and can accurately reproduce a person’s complex movements thanks to its two arms.

YUMI is used to study the concepts of coexistence, cooperation and direct or indirect collaboration and the safe sharing of a workspace by the robot and operator as provided for in the NF EN ISO 10218-1,10218-2 standard.

This cobotic cell associated with a digital twin makes it possible to test and validate partial or total collaboration processes on a PC and in virtual reality (alone or with in collaboration with a user). Exchange platforms equipped with conveyors and a storage area enable the transfer of physical elements between the YUMI and other robots or systems.

Studies on human behaviour in interaction with complex machine systems, motion prediction and adaptation to monitor the needs of users with the robot are major challenges in the areas of production and personal assistance.

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