Granular Simulation Laboratory

Materials & Processes

Granular Simulation Laboratory

The Granular Simulation Laboratory develops digital and experimental approaches to modelling granular processes. 

Digital simulation tools (Discrete Element Modelling – DEM – and Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics – SPH) via High Performance Computing (HPC) are used to simulate large-scale or industrial-scale problems. Small-scale models are developed for experimental purposes to reproduce the physics of granular materials which manufacturers regularly encounter in their processes.

Equipment available:

  • GPU calculation code (graphics card) to simulate granular flows at large scales/industrial scales (discrete-element method and smoothed particle hydrodynamics approaches),

  • Small-scale model of granular flow process (drums or mixers, hoppers)

  • Equipment for characterising powder flow

  • PHANTOM very high speed camera and high performance computing (HPC) equipment

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