CERI Digital Systems

I am a software developer, maker, repair hobbyist, environment/technology/robots lover. I work part-time as a university professor at IMT Nord Europe, in the Autonomous and ResilienT Systems group. My remaining work time is dedicated to a startup that makes a SAS for teaching PLC programming & factory automation: PLC3000.

My academic research targets mobile and autonomous robots from two complementary perspectives: Software Engineering (SE) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  From the SE perspective, I study software architectures, languages and tools for controlling individual robots. I mainly focus on reflective and dynamic languages, and more specifically Pharo, for a modular and agile development of robotic software architectures. From the AI perspective, I study coordination and cooperation in robotic fleets. I am mainly interested in communication models as well as emerging or predefined organizations for multi-agent robotic systems.

ORCID : 0000-0001-6459-4934

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