Publication of Volumes 1 and 2: Atmospheric Chemistry in the Mediterranean

Publication of Volumes 1 and 2: Atmospheric Chemistry in the Mediterranean


Stéphane SAUVAGE, faculty member at the Energy Environment Research Centre is proud to announce the publication of two volumes of Atmospheric Chemistry in the Mediterranean, of which he is the co-publisher.

These two publications are a collection of over ten years of research on atmospheric chemistry in the Mediterranean region, its sources and impacts on health and climate. CERI EE has contributed significantly to this work. 

Available as an e-book and in print from SPRINGER: Volume 1 and Volume 2 Volume 1 et Volume 2

-> For more information: Volume 1 et Volume 2

This two-volume set provides an extensive review of the abundant past and recent literature on the atmospheric chemistry in the Mediterranean region. ­The books document the experience gained on the atmospheric composition over the Mediterranean basin and close areas after six decades of research, starting from early studies of radioactive aerosol fallouts and intense desert dust events in the 1960s, followed by studies of aerosols collected during oceanographic cruises in the early 1980s, and including subsequent knowledge from various surface monitoring stations, intensive campaigns, satellite climatologies, laboratory studies, as well as chemistry- transport and climate models. ­Through ten thematic sections, the authors examine the sources and fates of atmospheric pollutants over the Mediterranean basin and what we know about the main impacts of the regional atmospheric chemistry. ­This overview not only considers the full regional cycle of both aerosol and reactive gases including emissions, transport, transformations, and sinks, but also addresses their major impacts on air quality and health, on the radiative budget and climate, on marine chemistry and biogeochemistry. ­ The volumes are an initiative from the ChArMEx project that has federated many studies on those topics in the 2010-2020 decade, and update the scientific knowledge by integrating the ChArMEx and non- ChArMEx literature. ­The books are contributed by a large pool of well-known authors from the respective fields, mainly from France and Greece, but also from six other Mediterranean and eight non-Mediterranean countries. All Chapters have been peer-reviewed by international scientific experts in the corresponding domains.

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