ACTRIS officially becomes an ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium)

ACTRIS officially becomes an ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium)

ACTRIS, in which IMT Nord Europe is involved, officially becomes a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC))

On 25 April 2023, the European Commission chose to establish the Aerosol, Cloud and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure (ACTRIS) as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). Seventeen founding countries, including France, will pool their resources to provide access to a wide range of atmospheric science technologies, data, services and resources.

ACTRIS will provide researchers, operational services, the private sector and all Member States with access to key information and the best research platforms in Europe to understand and predict changes in the composition of the atmosphere and its impacts on air quality and climate.

In France, 23 research organisations including CNRS and IMT Nord Europe are part of the ACTRIS-FR consortium.

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Country Contact: Stéphane SAUVAGE, research professor at IMT Nord Europe and Director of ACTRIS-FR


The French chapter of ACTRIS celebrated the official status of ACTRIS ERIC from 9 to 12 May 2023 through a workshop led by Stéphane Sauvage in Aussois.

This workshop resulted in stimulating discussions and exchanges combining workshops and plenary sessions on current and future developments related to infrastructure themes. This allowed us to continue our reflection on the actions and the organisation of the work of ACTRIS-FR.

Thérèse Salameh, a research engineer at the Centre for Education, Research and Innovation in Energy Environment (CERI EE) at IMT Nord Europe, presented the outcomes and perspectives from the working group on reactive trace gases, for which she coordinates one of the units of the European calibration centre.

Véronique Riffault and Joel Ferreira de Brito, professors and researchers at CERI EE, also contributed to the “National Facility” ATOLL – Atmospheric Observations in Lille observation platform – operated jointly with the Laboratory of Atmospheric Optics (LOA, University of Lille).

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At the same time, the first article  on work related to data collected by the ATOLL platform over several years has just been published online, featuring PhD student Hasna Chebaicheb as the first author. Chebaicheb is under the joint supervision of IMT Nord Europe and INERIS as part of the Central Laboratory for Air Quality Monitoring (LCSQA).

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