NEO Chair

Energy Environment

NEO stands for “Numerical and Experimental Optimisation platform for efficient design of automotive heat exchangers”

The performance of exchangers is directly related to the geometry of the solid parts, the structure of thermal convection flows and conductive/convective transfers. Based on technical expertise comprising three areas of scientific development – design by numerical simulation of passive intensification techniques, implementation of numerical shape optimisation techniques, and experimental characterisation at different scales (laboratory model, prototypes of significant size), CERI EE helps develop new types of heat exchangers with improved thermal and airflow performance, thus reducing operating costs and improving the energy efficiency of systems. The technical solutions developed include the structuring of exchange surfaces to control and enable the spatio-temporal manipulation of swirl flow structures, optimisation of surface extensions by integrating conductive/convective coupling, and control of turbulent transition phenomena, with the aim of increasing transfers by minimising losses caused by mechanical dissipation.

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