Research and Innovation Seminar by IMT Nord Europe



Apr 2024



Apr 2024

Research and Innovation Seminar by IMT Nord Europe

IMT Nord Europe’s Research and Innovation Department is organizing its Research and Innovation Seminar.

In-house seminar organized by IMT Nord Europe for all its research staff on Thursday April 11 and Friday April 12, 2024

> The Friday afternoon session will be open to all research staff from Institut Mines-Télécom schools via a Zoom link. 

The aim is to gather all the school’s research and innovation staff together in one place.

The two-day seminar will cover the following topics: our daily activities, the R&I strategy, feedback from completed projects, future projects, PhD and postdoctoral students’ research activities, innovation practices and opportunities for transfer, patents and European partnerships. The last half-day will feature a seminar that we will open to a national audience on Open Science.

Yann BUSNEL Director of Research and Innovation

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